Miscellaneous Information

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This link illustrates how a formal lab write up should be completed.
P Midterm 1

P Midterm 2

Copies of  previous first midterm examination questions (.pdf)

Copies of  previous second midterm examination questions (.pdf)

Ion Chart
Ion Grid 1
Ion Grid 2
A copy of the Ion chart used for solving ionic equations etc.
Answer key for the Ion Grid Question (5A)
Answer key for the Ion Grid Question (5B)
P. Table A copy of the Periodic table used in CHM 100
Conversions A great program, supplied by CHM 100 student Chris Baltas, for converting between units. A great way to check answers. Thanks Chris!
Demos for Lab
Video presentation of Volumetric pipet (click)
Video presentation of Buret (click)
Video presentation of Balance (click)

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